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正文: 一、 单项选择题(单项选择题的答案只能选择一个,多选不得分)Choose the best answer.
1. During 20xx,China’S import and export amount overran a trillion US dollars and became a great trade country in the world.
A.the third
B.the fourth
C.the fifth
D.the sixth . 2.Under the trade term( ),the seller is not responsible for Export License.
D.FOB 3.The( )is the person or company who has concluded a contract with the shipper for carriage of goods by sea.
B.Forwarder agent
D.Carrier 4.Under the trade term CIP,the( )bears all risks and any additional costs occurring after the cargos have been delivered.
D.Forwarder agent 5.Remittance is fl simple mode of international settlements,shortened form D/D means( ).
D.汇票 6.《国际货物托运委托书》的英文是( )。
A.Outgoing Note
B.Shipper’S letter of instruction
C.Proof of delivery
D,Mate’S receipt 7.提单上装船日期批注符合UCPS00规定的是( )。
A.Goods delivered to shipping company for shipment on May 28,20xx
B.Goods shall be shipped on board on May 28,20xx
C.Goods shipped on board on May 28,20xx
D.Goods shall be shipped on May 28,20xx 8.根据UCP500,收益人应向银行提交的空运单是( ).
A.Original for Consignee
B.Original for Shipper
C.Original for Account
D.Copy for consignor 9.某信用证规定货物从中国港口运至日本港口,提交正本已装船提单,不允许分批,
Port of loading:Shanghai Ocean Vessel:YM Chicago V.1 4E
Port of Discharge:Tokyo On Board Date:Aug 08th 20xx
Port of loading:Nanjing Ocean Vessel:YM Chicago V.14E
Port of Discharge:Tokyo On Board Date:Aug 09m 20xx
D.未分批装运,理由是两套提单的装运船只、航次及最终目的地相同 10.The terms“beginning”of a month in the letter of credit shall be construed as( ).
A.the 1th to the 10th
B.the llth to the 20th
C.the 5th to the 15th
D.the 21st to the 30th 11.The all risks of cargo transportation insurance exclude risks of ( ).
B.general average
C.inherent vice of goods
D.stranding 12.One shipment of the goods is finished,( )should present all the documents to the negotiating Bank for payment under the terms of the credit.
A.the seller
B.the buyer
C.the shipper
D.the consignee 13.According to Customs Law,a fee( )should be imposed by the customs,while there is the un-accurate declaration to customs about description of goods,quantity,price,trade term
A.under RMBl000
B.under RMBl0000
C.under RMB 5000
D.under double of tax 14.( )cover sea shipment directly between port of loading and port of discharge.
A.Direct bills of lading
B.Order bills of lading
C.Straight bills of lading
D.Switch bills of lading 15.( )is subsequently exchanged for the marine bill of lading or sea way bill.
A.Shipper’S letter of instruction
B.Booking note
C.Mate’S receipt
D.Cargo manifest 16.As a consolidator,the forwarder will provide the service in his own name and issue original( )
A.Marine bills of lading
B.House bills of lading
C.Stitch bills of lading
D.Combined transport bills of lading 17.The English expression for the Chinese word“熏蒸证书”is( ).
A.Inspection Certificate of fumigation
B.Inspection Certificate of disinfection
C.Inspection Certificate of raw silk classification
D.Inspection Certificate of weight or quantity 18.汉译英:保付代理、货运代理、海关代理( )。
A.Factoring,Forwarder,Customs broker
B.Forwarder,Customs broker,Factoring
C.Forwarder,Factoring,Customs broker
D.Customs broker,Factoring,Forwarder 19.英译汉:Standby L/C,Confirmed L/C,Documentary L/C( )。
D.备用信用证、保兑信用证、跟单信用证 20.The code“RA”in air freight operation means( )fee.
A.Air freight rate
B.Air waybill
C.Dangerous goods
D.Storage origin 21.Istanbul is one of the port cities of ( ).
D.Turkey 22.日本东京的成田国际机场的三字代码是( ).
D.NRT 23.According to IATA rule,our China be located in aviation section( ).
D.B+C 24.IATA 20xx annual meeting shall be hold in( ).
D.SYD 25.Country of origin means the country( ).
A.buys the goods
B.Where the cargos be shipped
C.Where the goods are produced
D.sell the goods www.68lou.com二、判断题(答案为“是”的,请在答题卡上涂“T”,答案为“否”的,请在答题卡上涂“F”。两个都涂的不得分)Decide whether the following statements are true or false.Write“T”for True and“F”forfalse.
26.According to UCP500,draft is not required under sight payment L/C.( )
27.An L/C requires Inspection Certificate to be issued by a competent authority.According to UCP500,banks may accept an Inspection Certificate issued by beneficiary.( )
28.Red clause L/C is also called Anticipatory L/C.( )
29.If L/C does not stipulate whether partial shipments are allowed or not.which means“Partial shipments are not allowed”.( )
30.Under DDP terms,Importer is responsible for all import requirements and payment of import tax and import duty.( )
31.With trade term CFR,INCOTERMS 20xx does not require the exporter to supply insurance.( )
32.Cargo’s receipt is issued by the forwarder to the shipper.( )
33. The CIF term can be used only for sea and inland waterway transport.( )
34.When one of the original bill of lading was surrendered by the carrier,the others became invalid.( )
35.Both sea way bill and bill of lading are non-negotiable documents。( )
36.Some of countries carry out exchange control,such as China,Japan,Brazil etc( )
37.Usually,Master air way bill shows normal general cargos rate.( )
38.General commodity rate is same as normal general cargos rate.( )
39.Exporter in China quotation“USD88 per meter ton,CIF Shanghai”is correct.( )
40.WPA(With Particular Average)provides larger cover than FPA(Free of Particular Average)since it includes partial losses and damages resulting from natural calamities。( )
41.If the L/C simply stipulates an expiry date of 10th July 20xx without a shipment date,which means last shipment date of 09th July 20xx.( )
42. The bill of lading is the most important document for air cargos transportation.( )
43.Under a time charter party,the charter pays for capital cost,loading cost,fuel fee.( )
44.The abbreviation“ETD”stands for both“Estimated Time of Delivery”and“Estimated Time of Departure”.( )
45.Draft is also called Bill of Exchange.( )
46.In the Sales Contract,usually there is a penalty clause to protect the buyer against loss from delayed delivery.( )
47.When we want to buy something from other countries,we should make an acceptance first.( )
48.In foreign trade business,the trade term“DDU”is often used,DDU is the abbreviation for Destination delivery charge unpaid。( )
49. Insurance contract is essentially a contract between the insurer and insured,same as shipper and carrier.( )
50.According to“Regulation of Import and Export Tariff of the People’s Republic of China”,the Import tax and duty are based on normal CIF price approved by the Customs.( ) 三、多项选择题(多项选择题的答案多选、少选、错选均不得分) Choose the right answer
51.Main modes of opening L/C are by( )。
D.SWIFT 52.In sales contract,key terms are displayed below( )
A.Terms of payment
B.Delayed delivery and penalty
C.Terms of shipment
D.Description of goods and quantity 53.According to INCOTERMS 20xx,the trade terms( )means that the seller delivers the goods,cleared for export,to the carrier nominated by the buyer at the named place.
D.CIP 54.According to UCP500,which subject( ) for in L/C body。
A.Credit number
B.SWIFT number
C.Currency code
D.Advising Bank 55.As per UCP500。which of following documents must be issued/drawn by thebeneficiary unless stipulated by the Credit?( )
B.Commercial Invoice
C.Packing List
D.Inspection Certificate 56.The following services( )are performed by the forwarder agent on behalf of the exporter.
A.Booking space
B.Loading the container
C.Unloading of goods
D.Arranging local transport 57.Under()trade terms,the seller contacts for insurance and pays the insurance premium。
D.CPT 58.Basically,partial losses or damage are recoverable from the insurance in( ).
C .All Risks
D.A+B 59.The( )are the most import documents in international transportation.
D.AWB 60.The( )are the person or company who should sign all bill of lading.
A.Shipping company
D.Freight forwarder 61. When the first original bill of lading being exchanged for Delivery Order to consignee,the ( )bill of lading are invalid.
A.Second Original
B.Third Original
C.First Copy
D.Second Copy 62.The All Risks of marine cargo transportation insurance covers risks of ( )。
A.war and strike
B.general average
C.inherent vice of goods
D.stranding of ship 63.Multimodal transport has the advantages such as ( ).
A.providing faster transit of goods
B.reducing cost of exports
C.saving costs
D.reducing the burden of documentation and formalities 64. Normally the Air Waybill has three originals,namely for( ).
C.forwarder agent
D.Consignee 65.Normally the marine bill of lading has three functions,namely( ).
A.evidence of the contract of carriage
B.a receipt of goods
C.a document of title to the goods
D.the contract of carriage 66. Normally procedure of foreign trade negotiation are displayed:enquiry,offer,counter offer and acceptance.However,the procedures of ( )are necessary.
D.Acceptance 67.Exporters in China apply for Certificate of Origin to( ).
D. MOFCOM 68. In foreign trade, unit price includes ( )
A. Currency
B. Units of calculation
C. Commercial value
D. Trade term 69. Before permission is given to remove the goods out of customs control, the owner or agent is required to submit files such as ( )
A. Customs declaration form
B. Insurance policy
C. Letter of Credit
D. Copy of shipping document 70. The features of container line service are ( )
A. Fixation of routes
B. Fixation of Rate
C. Regularity of service
D. Fixation of base port 71. In international sales transaction, different methods of payment are adopted, dependingmainly upon the relationship between the ( )
A. Buyer
B. Insurer
C. Seller
D. Insurant 72 . In the contract of carriage of goods by road, the rights, duties and responsibilities of road carrier are discussed under either of ( )
B. National Law
D. CMR 73. According to UCPS00, some items, such as ( ), are not allowed for amendment.
A. Last shipment date
B. Expiry date
C. Description of goods
D. Commodity 74. According to the Customs Law, import cargos must be declared to the Customs house within ( ) days ,since the declared arrival date of the conveyance.
A. Ten
B. Fourteen
C. Fifteen
D. B+C 75. According to the Customs Law, the objects, such as ( ), must be declared to the Customs house when entering or departing from the frontier.
A. Conveyance
B. Cargos
C. Luggage and articles
D. Passenger
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